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About Tax Sentral

It is a platform to manage personal, micro and small businesses tax affairs and record keeping. Through our Tax Sentral mobile application, you can manage your personal tax hassle free with no cost. Able to upload documents, calculate & save tax information, send and share with ease.

Tax Sentral also provide professional services on various tax compliance requirements and record keeping to individual, small & micro enterprises (SME's), through our support centers in order to manage their tax affairs efficiently and effectively.

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We at Tax Sentral are dedicated to clear your minds of tax fundamentals and rules.

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  • What types of forms should I file for my personal tax return ?
    Form BE for having Employment & other sources of income.
    Form B for having Business & other sources of income.
    Form M for Non Resident Tax payer.
  • When should I file my personal tax returns & pay my tax ?
    Form BE by 30th April.
    Form B by 30th June.
    Form M by 30th April.
  • What documents should I keep for my tax returns ?
    Personal & family detail documents.
    Copy of the tax return form & acknowledgment of submission.
    Tax payment receipts.
    Relief claim documents.
    Zakat & fitrah payment receipts.
  • How long I need to keep my documents ?
    Need to keep it for 7 years from the date of submission.
  • What is rebate and how much can I claim ?
    Rebate is deduction given from tax charge. RM400 if the chargeable income is RM35,000 or less.
  • How can I claim my Zakat & Fitrah payments ?
    Zakat & fitrah deductions are allowed from tax charge for payments made during the basis year.
  • What is Tax Audit ?
    Tax audit is inspection by IRB if income reported & claims made are correct according to tax rule applicable to that year.
  • Why tax resident status is important for me ?
    You are able to enjoy the progressive tax rates, reliefs and rebate.
    Treaty protection is also only available to tax residents.


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